'Lou Dobbs for President' Draft Campaign 2012


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Welcome to the Lou Dobbs for President Website

This is NOT an official Lou Dobbs and/or CNN Website.
It is a website for all Americans! Republican, Democrat, third party, or independent, everyone. It is a website that will focus on why the United States of America needs Lou Dobbs as its next President, and how we can help draft Lou Dobbs to actually run for the highest office in the land. Thank you for stopping by and please help spread the word about this website and that we truly do need Lou Dobbs for President.


The Lou Dobbs 4 President Website and Draft Campaign is an all volunteer website and operation. All money and support comes from visitors to the website. All money goes directly to maintain and upgrade the sell house fast website. No money is used for salaries. Please help to cover the cost of the website & the Draft Campaign. $1, $5, $20 or more. Any will help. Visit our Lou Dobbs Store.



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